Our TMS can be used as a stand-alone application or deeply integrated into customers’ systems.



Carrier Management

Automated information exchange between you and your carriers.

Rate Management

Our Rate Management System (RMS) can act as a stand-alone rating engine and/or mirror your rate database(s).

Rules-Based Tendering

Reduced cost per shipment by tendering to the “best” carrier(s) in sequence, based on your rules.

Appointment Scheduling

Provide an automated flow of information to and from shippers and their carriers.

Trailer Pool

Shippers and carriers can track all trailers at a plant, warehouse, location, etc. At anytime, from anywhere.

Exception Management

Proactive exception visibility and notification of issues—before they grow into failures.

Freight Settlement

Automated freight payment is enabled by leveraging rate and exception management, minimizing interaction and error.

Business Intelligence Metrics / KPIs

Objective carrier measurement based on individual metrics: cost, reliability and coverage

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