Princeton TMX allows for much greater visibility of shipments and highlights exceptions as they occur.



All Locations on a Single System

  • Corporate visibility
  • Centralized view for multiple ERPs
  • Location job sharing or vacation coverage
  • Application flexibility
  • Single rating engine platform

Track and Trace

Real Time Proactive Communication

  • Check progress of loads/orders
  • Improve on-time pick-up and delivery
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • PoD detail for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
  • Improve invoice accuracy
  • Exception management

Manual Dispatch

Automated Tendering

  • Time savings
  • New/updated load detail
  • Real time communication
  • Exception management

Freight Spend

Optimal Tendering Via Low Cost

  • Customers have experienced actual freight savings of 10%-20%


Business Intelligence Tools

  • Analysis for additional savings
  • Detail and scorecards for carrier reviews
  • Canned reports (lane analysis, tendering and service performance, etc.)

Transportation IT Support

Cloud / SaaS

  • Minimal ongoing IT support required
  • Rapid implementation
  • Princeton TMX hosts: no software/hardware costs
  • No system upgrades required...included in the Princeton TMX solution